Our Mission

“The purpose of the Ashland Home is to provide a safe and caring environment for women to get sober with dignity and build a foundation for recovery.”

Ashland opened its doors in 1998, to help women at no cost to them, to get sober and build a solid foundation of recovery in our serene, home-like atmosphere.  Time is structured including 12-step meetings and activities of daily living.

Ashland Home also offers women the opportunity to extend their stay, once they have been sober for thirty days, in the sober living program at a nominal fee to the women.

We encourage you to view the video below that includes an Ashland success story and additional details about our program, which can transform the lives of beautiful women from hopeless to hopeful.


Please consider opportunities to Donate to Ashland Home or Volunteer at Ashland Home. We need, and truly appreciate, your generosity and efforts.

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