You can make a significant difference in forever changing a woman’s life. Will you help us help them?

The Women’s Step House of Orange County (Ashland and McMillen Homes) is a 501(c)3 California non-profit, public benefit corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and is qualified to provide receipts for tax deductible donations.

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Our funding is derived solely through the financial support of individuals, the business community, family foundations, and local charities. No support is received from governmental/public funding sources. Neither our board of directors nor our many volunteers receive any compensation whatsoever.

You may choose the type of donation made: Non-Restricted or Restricted. a non-restricted donation will be used at the discretion of the Women’s Step House for whatever purpose is deemed most needed. A restricted donation may only be used for a purpose you designate, such as a Scholarship Fund, Home Maintenance Fund, Expansion Fund, etc.

Does your employer match charitable contributions? If so, your gift will do twice the good! Please ask your employer to support Women’s Step House of Orange County.

Donations may be one-time or recurring: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

All donations may be made by check :

Women’s Step House of Orange County
PO Box 3676
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-3676

Or through Paypal online:


Or Call 949-460-0375 for More Information

Traditional Donation Suggestions:

  1. Scholarship Fund:  A contribution to this fund ensures that the women are provided the educational materials needed to understand the disease of alcoholism.
  2. Home Building Fund:  A contribution to this fund helps with the up-keep of Ashland Home inside and out.
  3. Bequest:  A donation to this fund will ensure that Ashland continues to serve women seeking to begin recovery in the future.

More Donation Suggestions:

Setup a one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual donation to support Ashland through PayPal online.


Set up a monthly recurring donation of $25:

Set up a monthly recurring donation of $50:

Set up a monthly recurring donation of $100:

Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Thanks!